Are your eyes too big?

My list of dreams is HUGE. I have personal and professional dreams I want to live. I have a long list of wants and needs to make my dreams a reality. I'm stricken by a condition called “Eyestoobigacus.” It means your eyes are bigger than our stomach. It’s a condition we all have and can lead to negative feelings about who we are and what we can achieve.


I’m sure you’ve put more on your plate (schedule) than you can handle. It’s not a great feeling. You don’t feel as accomplished as you would like, because all you can do is  focus on the list of items you didn’t accomplish. Why don’t we focus on our  list of accomplishments? We live in a culture where we are programed to see the negatives before the positives. When you give yourself a list of 20 things to accomplish, but can realistically only complete 10, you shouldn’t beat yourself up for completing 12 items on your list. “Eyestoobigacus” and our culture program our mind to self deprecate.

I am stricken by this condition several times a year. The cure for this condition is to look at yourself in the mirror (or selfie cam) and recognize your abilities and limits. You have to get yourself focused and organized. You have to be honest with yourself and recognize you’re trying to do too much. You have to set realistic and achievable goals. You want to produce quality results. Results that are within your ability level. It’s important to push yourself, but you can’t inundate yourself with an impossible workload.

Fact, no one is perfect, so stop striving to be perfect. Push yourself to be the best “You” possible. Life is a marathon. You can’t complete a marathon during your first week of training. You complete a marathon by completing a series of realistic, planned and  productive training runs.  Know your abilities and limits and set your goals based on your abilities versus setting yourself up for failure by trying to do too much. Have a great week and thank you for reading. 

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