"What do you do when you're not driving for Uber?"

A dream is a vision or an idea. In order to live your dreams, there are sacrifices you must make to turn your vision or idea into a reality you get to live. Never be embarrassed to admit that you are not perfect.

I'm not perfect and just like other people around the world, I have life responsibilities. I have a family to take care of, I have bills and unexpected moments in life where my wife and I look at each other and say, "How are we going to pay for this?"

My dream is to have a long career in Professional and Personal Development as a speaker, author and coach. It's not easy. It's a high risk high reward dream. Everyday is like a roller coaster. There are great highs when people contact you and say they'd love to work with you. There are lows when a prospective client you thought was a lock to work with contacts you at the last second to say, "Sorry things have Changed and we won't be able to work with you."

Why do I choose to ride this rollercoaster? I love it! I love speaking and helping people live their personal and professional dreams. When you fall in love with a dream, you will do anything to live that dream on a daily basis for as long as your possibly can. I've tasted brief success in my speaking career, but I still haven't experienced the success my wife and I have imagined. We won't allow ourselves to settle for less than what we know we are capable of. What we imagined requires us to work together and to work smart. I define success as when you turn a dream into a reality. 

Sorry Disney, but dreams don't come true when you wish upon a star. You have to work to live your dreams. Living is when you truly experience something. It requires a lot of work and sacrifice. 

Over the years I've attempted to balance working a 9-5 job while pursuing my career. Honestly, it has never worked out, because I I didn't put in the time needed to make my business a success. I wasn't truly committed. As a business owner, my  #1 goal is to have a business that thrives and can support itself. While I was working in the 9-5 world, I did everything to make my employer successful but not enough to make my business a success. 

This summer I was forced to commit to living my dream when my 9-5 employer said, "Thank you for the work you've done for us, but where going in a new direction." Luckily I had booked several speaking opportunities, but the financial hit of loosing your job was not easy to swallow. I followed my own advice about being honest and reached out to several friends. I explained that this was the year to make my dream a successful business and I needed extra income to make my dream a reality. That's when my friend Ron mentioned Uber to me. 

Uber is the ride sharing program everyone hears/reads about in the news. Essentially you're turning your car into a taxi. You drive when you want. It's not something you'll get rich with, but it allows me to focus on my business while still making money to supplement my business income and take care of my family. For the first time in my speaking career, my speaking is #1 and other work was #2. My speaking has always been my second option which meant I got poor results. Now my focus is my business and driving is my second option that allows me to bring in extra income.

During my Uber experience, I often have people ask, "What do you do when you're not driving for Uber?" When I tell them, "I'm a motivational speaker," their looks are priceless. I've had great conversations with my passengers. I've collected several business cards and there have been several occasions where I've given brief coaching sessions or practiced my material. 

A goal is a dream with a plan. My dream is to have a profitable business that allows me to take care of my family, help people live their dreams while traveling the world. The plan doesn't include me driving for Uber for a long period of time, but it is part of plan.

Simply put, I'm a performer. There are countless stories of actors, musicians and authors who worked side jobs to help make their dreams a reality. I'm currently doing the same thing. I'm not too embarrassed to admit it. No one in life is perfect. You can't be ashamed to admit that. When you are honest with yourself, great things start to happen. If you want great things to happen you have to sacrifice. No matter what your dream is, there will be non glamorous things you have to do to make your dream a reality. In this Facebook Reality TV world, we want put on a facade of shininess. The truth is, there a lot of dirty work and sacrifice needed to make things appear shinny. Work and sacrifice that are rarely seen. It's up to you to decide it you're willing to make the necessary sacrifices and if you're willing to ask for help. Don't settle for less. Live your dreams. Sacrifice. Be honest with others. Most importantly be honest with yourself.




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