2016 is almost over!

Can you believe 2016 is 31 days from ending? I was reminded how fast time can fly when our family put up our Christmas tree this week. A year ago we were adjusting to having a family of four. This year, our little girl was helping decorate the tree. My wife and I keep asking ourselves, "where did the last year go?" We can't believe that our little girl is one and our family complete! 

Time is a resource we can spend but never earn back. Being a limited resource we have to ask ourselves the question “How do I spend my time?” We only have 168 hours in a week. 1,440 minutes in a day. 3,600 seconds in an hour. Do you spend your time wisely? What is your return on investment?

As a husband, father and business owner I have learned how valuable my time is. My family values the time I spend with them. My business and customers value the time I dedicate to providing quality services and performances. Managing my time in a productive way is a daily challenge for me.

Time can pass by in a blink. If you have a dream, a passion or a purpose that you want to live, you need to ask yourself a simple questions, “How do I spend my time?” If you have someone or something in your life that you claim is important...make time to reflect...be honest with yourself...ask if you are investing the necessary time to prove (not talk) that someone or something is truly important to you.

Time is a valuable resource. A resource you need to spend and invest wisely. Would you allow a close friend or family member to invest or spend their monetary resources in an unwise or wasteful way?  Time should be treated the same way. Do you spend more of your time on the parts of your life that are important to you? Or do waste or unwisely spend more of the valuable resource called time on people, places or things that provide you little personal or professional growth opportunities? If something is truly important to you, make sure you're investing the proper amount of time into it.

Have a great December! And thank you for sharing your valuable time with me.

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